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SMDRA Business Partners

What is SMDRA?

The South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association (SMDRA) is the local chapter of the trade association known as the National Association of REALTORS®. There are three levels of REALTOR® Associations – local, state, and national. They work together to provide membership services, education, benefits and resources for REALTORS! SMDRA provides services for REALTORS® across the South Denver metro area – but our members work across the city, and often all over the state

Both REALTOR® and Affiliate Members pay yearly dues – which cover the cost of the member benefits and association services. When a REALTOR® joins, they join the local, state, and national association all at once, but when an Affiliate Member joins, they only join the local association, and only pay those dues. Affiliate Members can join multiple local associations – but have to pay dues to each one they join.

What is a REALTOR®?

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS® – but all REALTORS® are real estate agents! A real estate agent is someone who has earned their real estate license – the right to practice real estate in their state – A REALTOR® is an agent who has made the decision to subscribe to a higher professional standard and code of ethics by joining a REALTOR® Association and in turn, has access to REALTOR® only benefits and resources! REALTORS® on average produce more and close more deals a year than licensees

The term ‘REALTOR®’ is a registered trademark, and only members of a REALTOR® Association are allowed to use the word REALTOR® or the REALTOR® ‘R’ logo on their marketing.

Remember, ‘REALTOR®’ is only two syllables – ‘real-tor’ – not three!
You wouldn’t say ‘ac-a-tor’ or ‘doc-a-tor’, so why would you say real-a-tor?

Why Become an Affiliate Business Partner?

REALTORS® do business with people they like, know, and trust. This is your opportunity to develop professional relationships with SMDRA’s 3700 REALTOR® members – and a way for you to strengthen relationships with existing clients and reach out to potential new ones.

SMDRA affiliate membership comes with the opportunity to sponsor classes and events, be listed in the “go-to” service directory for SMDRA members, and participate in social and networking events.

Affiliate Benefits

Join the second largest REALTOR® association in the state and receive;

  • Your logo and information in SMDRA’s online and printed directories
  • Access to the closed SMDRA Facebook networking group
  • The opportunity to sponsor events and classes to get one-on-one networking time
  • Free access to the Tech Helpline – covers laptops, desktops, printers, cell-phones, software, hardware, Apple, Android, Windows – and more!
  • Attend our Friday morning Metro Market Pulse meetings to network and grow your business
  • Put your promotional items in a ‘New Member Goodie Bag’ given to new REALTOR® members
  • Got real estate knowledge you want to share? Become an Industry Insights partner and teach a class on your subject right here at SMDRA