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SentriLock® electronic lockboxes are a REALTOR® only product and provide maximum security for clients. They track when someone uses the box to enter a home, can be set to only allow REALTORS® and clients to visit during certain hours, and come with round the clock tech support.

Important SentriLock Resources

Key Features of the World’s Smartest Electronic Lockbox

Extra-large key bin, tough construction to withstand assault, and fast operation to keep you on the move. Engineered using 20 years of customer needs and meticulous attention to detail. Designed to be the best electronic lockbox for you.

Designed to withstand just about anything – our lockbox has the highest security rating in the world. Independently tested and approved attack rating. Also, our agent safety feature protects REALTORS® by sending alerts to emergency contacts when activated.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could securely open a lockbox by tapping it with your phone? Yep, we can do that. Another industry first from SentriLock, the world leader in lockbox technology.

Access showing instructions and important property details right from your smartphone app. Have all the details at your fingertips so you can wow your clients. Best of all, we seamlessly integrate with your favorite MLS tools like Homesnap, RPR, and more.

Lockbox and Showing Service go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Sentrilock is the only integrated solution that enables REALTORS® to spend more time selling, streamline their tech, and deliver unbelievable client experiences.

Give your clients peace of mind. Notifications are instantly sent when the lockbox is opened. This lets clients know when a showing has begun and also automatically provides notification when the showing is complete.

Longest-lasting battery on the market, fully agent replaceable, and a built-in battery backup just-in-case. That’s an industry-leading trifecta.

Manage and operate the lockbox and generate access codes right from your phone. Built to put power in your hands and support the on-the-go demands of REALTORS® with the fastest and most reliable Bluetooth® technology.

SMDRA SentriLock Electronic Lockbox Library

SMDRA is proud to offer all primary SMDRA members use of the SentriLock Library. After an initial set up fee of $20, SMDRA REALTORS® can rent a lockbox for only $20 a month.

PLEASE NOTE: $20 rental fee only charged when box is actively being rented. $20 rental fee applies per box.

SMDRA SentriLock FAQs

How do I get a SentriLock?

To set up a SentriLock account, please visit your primary local REALTOR® association. SentriLock accounts take approximately 20 minutes to set up, and do not require an appointment.

Do I need to set up an appointment?

No, you do not need to set up an appointment, although SMDRA does recommend calling ahead of time to ensure a member of SMDRA staff will be able to fully assist you. If you have recently transferred association membership, please check the local MLS to make sure your account information with them is correct before setting up a Sentrilock account. Sentrilock routes through the MLS, and SMDRA cannot setup your account if your association membership information is incorrect.

My SentriLock Lockbox batteries are dead/running low.

The SMDRA Office has SentriLock batteries for sale. SMDRA also provides SentriLock PowerPaddles to revive dead boxes, which can be checked out and returned.

I am having trouble with my SentriLock lockbox.

For all other SentriLock related questions and tech support, please contact:

SentriLock support at 1-877-736-8745 or Visit