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South Metro Advanced REALTOR® Training Designation Official Rules & FAQ’s
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What Is the South Metro Advanced REALTOR® Training Designation?
The South Metro Advanced REALTOR® Training Designation, or SMART Designation, is designed to reward and provide recognition to SMDRA REALTOR® Members who exceed continuing education requirements as set forth by Colorado’s Real Estate Commission. At SMDRA we believe that all industry related education is vital to your career and the more you learn the more you earn.
How Does It Work?
Each class you take at SMDRA is assigned a specific number of points. SMDRA REALTORS® who earn 24 or more SMART Points in one calendar year will be awarded the SMART Designation.
Who Is Eligible?
Current South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association members who are good standing as of December 31, of the current year will be eligible to receive the SMART Designation.
Which Classes Count Toward the SMART Designation?
Only courses offered by SMDRA that are part of the SMART Designation will be included. Courses that are part of the SMART Designation will have an assigned number of SMART “Points” associated with them. These points will be listed on the Calendar, SMDRA’s printed calendar and on course flyers.
Are SMART Points and CE Credit the Same Thing?
No, SMART points vary by class and are based on the length of class and amount of instruction involved. SMART points are used exclusively by SMDRA as part of their SMART Designation and cannot be used towards license renewal.

Continuing Education Credit is required for your license renewal as mandated by The Colorado Real Estate Commission. For more information visit: The Colorado Real Estate Commission (link:

How Can I Find Out How Many Points I Have Accumulated?
Each month the SMDRA staff will update your points. You can view your course history with point totals by logging onto your account on and viewing your Personal Education Tracking information. Please contact Hope Hughes at for help accessing your account.
Do I Have to Submit an Application At The End Of The Year?
No, your SMART points will be calculated at the end of each calendar year and you will be notified of your qualification. At that time you will receive an email with your printable certificate and year specific logo.
Can Points Be Carried Over From One Year To Another?
No, points accumulate throughout a calendar year. If, at the end of the year, you have accumulated 24 or more SMART points, you will be awarded the SMART designation. If you have less than 24 points, your numbers will be reset and you will start over on January 1 of the following year. This is an annual designation and you will be notified if you qualify each year.
How Long Can It Be Used? Is There An Annual Fee For the Designation?
The SMART Designation is an annual designation. If, for instance, you are awarded the SMART Designation for education received in 2014, you will receive marketing materials specific to that year which will state the year the designation applies. There are no fees for this designation.
What Do I Get When I Achieve The SMART Designation?
If you qualify for the designation, you will be emailed a certificate suitable for framing along with a SMART Logo that you can include in your email signature, website, business cards, and other marketing materials.

You will also receive a printable card that you can use for 10% off of anything in SMDRA’s REALTOR® Store. (Some exclusions may apply)

How Will My Clients & Colleagues Know That I Have Received the SMART Designation?
Each year when you achieve the SMART Designation you will receive a PDF of a certificate that you can print and frame. You will also receive the year specific SMART Logo that you can include in your marketing materials such as your email signature, website, blog, business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials. SMDRA will also include you in an announcement made on the SMDRA website and SMDRA’s eMagazine. You may also want to include your SMART designation in your buyer and seller presentation packets so they understand you went above and beyond your education requirements.
If I Transferred From Another Board, Can I still Earn the SMART Designation?
You will be eligible to earn the designation, however depending on what part of the year you transferred, you may not be able to accumulate enough points in your first partial year to reach the 24 required points. However, as points are reset annually, you will be able to participate the following year.