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Being an Affiliate Member of SMDRA means having access to over 5400+ REALTORS®  and over 300+ real estate related businesses in your area. REALTORS® work with professionals they know, like, and trust – join and become their go-to for real estate industry related services.


  1. SMDRA AFFILIATE DATABASE – Put your brand on our Find An Affiliate Vendor searchable website so SMDRA Members can find you!
  2. EDUCATION CLASS SPONSORS – Sponsor a Zoom class as a 2021 Virtual Education Sponsor! When we go live with in-person classes, you’ll provide the refreshments, SMDRA supplies the MEMBERS!
  3. ROSTER OF MEMBERS – Affiliate Members can request a full member roster (includes member name, company name and office address) in a printed format only, and a roster of mailing labels for all members ($75 fee and 24 hour notice required for mailing labels. Must be an active Affiliate member in good standing to request).
  4. SMDRA FACEBOOK GROUP – Join SMDRA’S exclusive online community through the SMDRA Facebook Group. This is a closed group, with SMDRA Members only, where you can exchange referrals and find services.
  5. SMDRA SCOOP NEWSLETTER – Opportunity to advertise in the SMDRA Weekly eBlast sent to close to 7435 emails.
  6. NEW MEMBER GOODIE BAGS – Get the opportunity to share your brand with new REALTORS® through the monthly New REALTOR® Orientation Goodie Bags! All affiliates are invited to drop off promotional items such as flyers, pamphlets, novelty items, gift certificates for services, etc. to be put into Goodie Bags given at that month’s New REALTOR® Member Orientation.
  7. CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS – Become a SMDRA Annual Corporate sponsor to receive additional marketing exposure and benefits.
  8. COMMITTEES – Join one of SMDRA’s many committees to become further involved with other Members.
  9. EVENTS – When we are in-person, SMDRA hosts quite a few events that give Members even more opportunities to market, network and promote their business and its services.
  10. WE ARE FUN! – Guess you will have to join to find out!