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SMDRA REALTOR Cares Foundation Legacy Program

SMDRA REALTOR Cares Foundation Legacy Program

The Legacy Program will be available to the first 200 REALTOR® or Affiliate members and will be available as determined by the Grant Committee.


$2500 – REALTORS & Affiliates, $500 to maintain membership annually
$5000 – Corporate, $1000 to maintain membership annually
Recognition of Legacy members –signature line marketing, recognition at events
Legacy wall and other legacy recognition to be determined in the building.
A Special LEGACY Signature Gold pin with year and additional pins years after as a sustaining member.

FOUNDATION GIVING RECOGNITION: Special pin for everyone that donates $100+.

FOUNDATION STRUCTURE: The Foundation will consist of two SMDRA Committees:   

GRANT COMMITTEE: (A Closed Committee)

  • Consists of 12 Voting Members with 3-year staggered terms/2 term limit
  • Composition – 9 REALTORS®, 3 Affiliates/Industry Partners
  • Ex-officio/non-voting members – President, President Elect, CEO, CCIC Committee Chair and Vice Chair, and CAR Executive Director
  • 2023 Committee Appointed by President and Ratified by BOD with staggered one-, two- or three-year terms.
  • Grant Committee Chair and Vice Chair is elected by the Grant Committee from within the current committee.
  • 2024 Committee will be Application Process and Recommendations by Grant Nominating Committee (different composition of the Nominating Committee) – Consists of President, President Elect, CIC Committee Chair, CIC Committee Vice Chair, Grant Committee Chair and Vice Chair – all voting and CEO as non-voting.
  • Requirements for Grant Committee:
    • Must have served on Community involvement for at least one year and be actively involved,
    • and/or past BOD Past Chair/President, or BOD Director
    • Sign Confidentiality agreement
    • Main responsibilities – Review and Approve grant recipient(s) and fundraising for the foundation.



  • Open to all SMDRA members with no limit on members
  • Chair and Vice Chair chosen by President and President Elect
  • Responsibilities – Same – act as working entity with continuation of toy drive, backpack drive, Diamond Silent Auction, and other determined by the Committee.
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