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VP CE FREE! Is The Denver Market In A Bubble?



INSTRUCTOR: Lonnie Glessner, NMLS#270417
SMDRA Affiliate Business Partner

In January 1998, Lonnie entered the mortgage business as a Loan Officer. For 2 years he also held securities and life insurance licenses as a licensed financial advisor in 2005 and 2006.
From April 2005 till April 2006 Lonnie offered as many as 7 different C.E. credit classes with great success on topics such as credit scoring, identity theft, real estate investing, loan products for first time homebuyers, etc. He really enjoys teaching and the state approved his first class in 2011 titled “Why Buy Now: 13 Powerful Reasons to Buy a Home Now” and his second class in 2014 titled, “How to Win Bidding Wars”.
Lonnie has been voted one of Denver’s top Loan Officers for 6 consecutive years with receipt of the 5 Star Mortgage Professional Award as seen in 5280 Magazine. He was also featured in the Rocky Mountain Edition of Top Agent Magazine in September 2015.


Every real estate agent is facing serious questions and concerns from consumers about the health of the Denver real estate market. Questions such as:
• Is the Denver real estate market in a bubble?
• Will our real estate market crash again like it did in 2007 and 2008?
• How much higher will prices rise?
• Why are prices rising so fast?
• Should we wait to buy until after the market cools off?
• When will this crazy market change back to normal?

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