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GRI 105: Environmental Issues in Real Estate

INSTRUCTOR: Tonyeil Spencer
In her 20+ years of being in the real estate field, Tonyeil has worked with a wide variety of industries and marketing segments, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Her passion, however, is helping individuals to find their dream homes. The value she brings to a transaction is her knowledge and unique perspective of the needs that prospective homeowners face in today’s competitive and challenging marketplace.


State, federal, and environmental laws can affect many areas of business. An awareness of laws and regulations can help a knowledgeable business owner avoid substantial future costs and liability for noncompliance. Businesses that comply with environmental laws and land use regulations are more likely to avoid exposure to liability for civil wrongdoing.
Many environmental problems relate to the use of land and thus have implications for land markets and real estate. An obvious example is the impact of environmental amenities (e.g., open space or proximity to parks) or environmental hazards (e.g., air pollution, water pollution, or proximity to noxious facilities) on housing prices through capitalization.
There are laws imposing specific standards regarding property use, such as how a building can be built, how big or small it can be, and where it may be placed on the property. These specifications may be laid out in local regulations or in building codes.

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