Welcome to SMDRA!

Thank you for considering membership in the South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association (SMDRA). We are truly pleased to have the opportunity to serve you. So that your transition from applicant to member can be made as quickly as possible, please read the following information carefully.



When you join SMDRA, you also become a member of the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). A portion of your dues is remitted to those Associations. Once remitted, all dues are non-refundable.

SMDRA’s fiscal year begins October 1, and memberships expire on September 30. Annual dues are prorated on a monthly basis for new members. Dues must be submitted with your application and may be paid by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

After you join, you will begin receiving annual dues invoices each August or September for the following fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). Please contact a staff member if you have any questions about dues or fees.

  1. Application Fee: Currently there are no application fees for new members.
  1. Dues: The dues amounts listed below apply to applicants who have never been a member of a REALTOR® Association, or who have not paid dues to another Association during the past year. If you are transferring from another Association, please ask a staff member to calculate your dues. Once remitted, all dues are non-refundable.
2017 October  $230.00  $206.25  $220.00  $656.25
2017 November  $201.83  $192.50  $210.00  $613.13
2017 December  $191.66  $178.75  $200.00  $570.41
2018 January  $172.49  $165.00  $155.00  $492.49
2018 February  $153.32  $151.25  $145.00  $449.57
2018 March  $134.15  $137.50  $135.00  $406.65
2018 April  $114.98  $123.75  $125.00  $363.73
2018 May  $95.81  $110.00  $115.00  $320.81
2018 June  $76.64  $96.25  $105.00  $277.89
2018 July  $57.47  $82.50  $95.00  $234.97
2018 August  $38.30  $68.75  $85.00  $192.05
2018 September  $19.13  $55.00  $75.00  $149.13
*New REALTOR® prices are effective if you have never belonged to a REALTOR® Association or if your previous membership has been inactive for more than one year.

Important Note for Designated REALTOR® Applicants:
The National Association of REALTORS® dues formula requires that Designated Brokers pay dues for themselves as well as an assessment that equals dues times the number of ALL licensees in their offices who are not REALTOR® members of an Association. Brokers can reduce their dues obligation by requiring their agents to join SMDRA.


As a condition of membership, all REALTOR® applicants are required to take the SMDRA New Member Ethics and Orientation class within 90 days of application to the Association. This course explains your responsibilities as a REALTOR® and will give you an overview of the benefits you receive as a member.

The 4-hour CE New Member Ethics and Orientation course is held from 8:00am – 2:00pm, lunch is provided by our generous Affiliate Business Partners, in the SMDRA Activity Center. Please refer to the available class dates below. New members take the REALTOR® Pledge and receive their REALTOR® pins at the end of class.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. There is no charge for the New Member Ethics and Orientation course but registration is required. Registration links are sent in your welcome email or you can register online at www.SMDRA.com/smdra-events-education-calendar.

If you are unable to attend within 90 days, please contact SMDRA Membership staff at (303)797-3700

Dates for 2017 New Member Ethics and Orientation & Induction Ceremony

  • October 24, 2017
  • November 14, 2017
  • January 23, 2018
  • March 13, 2018
  • May 23, 2018
  • August 23, 2018
  • September 18, 2018


SMDRA will send most communications, including dues billing, by email. We send a weekly update called SMDRA Newsletter to all members, and encourage all members to join us online in your exclusive Facebook Group called SMDRA SquawkBox. Our website www.smdra.com also offers a wealth of information. Please make sure your email address is current to ensure timely notice and information.


The South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association serves and promotes a highly skilled, diverse, and successful REALTOR® membership. Welcome to the SMDRA family!

South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association Membership Application





  • Your user name will be your MLS ID or the last 6 digits of your license number. Password can be a MAXIMUM of 8 characters - any combination of letters or numbers and is case sensitive.
  • SKILLS & SERVICE (Used to match you with Committees or service projects & events.)



  • I, the undersigned, hereby apply for REALTOR® (primary, secondary, or designated) membership in the South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association (SMDRA) and enclose my payment to cover the application fee and dues (see below). I understand this will be returned to me in the event I am not accepted for membership. In the event my application is approved, I agree as a condition of membership to complete the orientation courses of SMDRA within 90 days of application, including the GRI Ethics and Professional Practices course, which I understand may be worth credit towards the Graduate REALTORS® Institute (GRI) designation. I also agree to thoroughly familiarize myself with and abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®, including the duty to arbitrate or mediate business disputes in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the Association and the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of SMDRA, the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR), and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR); and I further agree to satisfactorily complete a written examination covering such Code, Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and duty to arbitrate or mediate as and when provided by SMDRA. I agree as a condition of continuing membership to complete Code of Ethics courses as required by NAR and SMDRA. I further agree that my act of paying dues shall evidence my initial and continuing commitment to abide by the aforementioned Code of Ethics, Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and duty to arbitrate or mediate, all as from time to time amended. Finally, I consent and authorize the Association, through its membership committee or otherwise, to invite and receive information and comment about me from any member or other person, and I agree that any information and comment furnished to the Association by any member or other person in response to any such invitation shall be conclusively deemed to be privileged and not form the basis of any action by me for slander, libel, or defamation of character. I hereby certify that the foregoing information furnished by me is true and correct, and I agree that failure to provide complete and accurate information as requested, or any misstatement of fact, shall be grounds for revocation of my membership if granted. I agree that, if accepted for membership in the Association, I shall pay the fees and dues as from time to time established. I grant SMDRA, CAR, and NAR my express written consent to contact me at their discretion by U.S. mail, fax, telephone, or e-mail. I understand that by providing my street address, e-mail address(es), telephone numbers(s), and fax number(s), I consent to receive communications sent from SMDRA, CAR, and NAR via regular U.S. mail, e-mail, telephone, or facsimile at those numbers/locations. All attempts will be made to use the preferred methods of contact as indicated in this application. Additionally, I acknowledge that SMDRA may photograph or take video at classes and events held at SMDRA or other locations that I may attend. I hereby release SMDRA from all claims which I may have now or in the future for compensation of any kind arising out of my participation in the said video(s) and/or photograph(s) and acknowledge that SMDRA may use the video(s) and/or photograph(s) in such fashion and distribute to such person as they may in their sole discretion decide. NOTE: Applicant acknowledges that if accepted as a member and he/she subsequently resigns from the Association or otherwise causes membership to terminate with an ethics complaint pending, the Board of Directors may condition renewal of membership upon applicant’s certification that he/she will submit to the pending ethics proceeding and will abide by the decision of the hearing panel. If applicant resigns or otherwise causes membership to terminate, the duty to submit to arbitration continues in effect even after membership lapses or is terminated, provided the dispute arose while applicant was a REALTOR®.
  • I understand and agree that as Designated REALTOR® of the above-named real estate office or appraisal office, I am fully responsible for all dues and fees for services that I request and receive prior to completing the Association’s required membership application process. I also understand and agree that if accepted for membership, I will pay all dues and fees as are from time to time established, and that the total amount of dues for which I will be personally and individually liable and responsible, as Designated REALTOR® of the firm or office named herein, shall be in such amount as established annually by the Board of Directors for myself, plus an amount times the number of real estate licensees or certified appraisers employed by or otherwise affiliated with my firm or office who are not themselves REALTOR® members of the Association. I further understand that if I apply for participation in the Multiple Listing Service that I, as Designated REALTOR®, am an individual member of the Multiple Listing Service and as the participant am responsible for all dues and fees for MLS service.
  • DUES

  • Your individual dues amount may vary depending on date of application and previous REALTOR® membership. Please refer to the Dues Chart above. SMDRA does not charge an application fee. New members may be required to complete an Ethics and/or Orientation class at an additional cost to the member. Annual dues: Once remitted all dues are NON-REFUNDABLE. Payments to the South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes; however, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Seek information and guidance from and rely upon the advice of your tax expert and not SMDRA. ONCE YOUR APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED, WE WILL REVIEW AND, UPON APPROVAL, WILL CONTACT YOU FOR PAYMENT.


Secondary Designated REALTOR Addendum


Thank you for joining the South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association!

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